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regrep message

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Subject: re: [regrep] Content-based discovery proposal version 0.2


I notice at the weblink you ask the following:

"The main areas left to be done are:

-to add a complete example of indexing an OAG BOD or a CPP.

-To define how ClassificationSchemes are defined and mapped to for use
in generated classifications. This will be flushed out as we do the
complete example next week.

Does any one have OAG BOD experience to share?"


I have just finished doing an initial classification scheme for the 
new OAG V8.0 BODs - all 207 of them - and also linking in their
HTML documentation, and some of the BODs themselves.

My next task is to load up the 1,000 nouns in the data dictionary
as XML entries.

The technical folks at OAG have promised to help work on this.

I do not know what timeframe you have here - but we will
certainly try and help along as we can.

Right now I only have this Registry implementation locally - but 
hopefully over the next couple of weeks I'll be able to 
have something on a limited-access server URL we could
share with the technical team.

Thanks, DW.

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