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Subject: [regrep] Content-based Query of CPP Content

We have made significant progress in defining a Content Indexing File
for CPP content using an XSLT style sheet. Thanks to help from Norm
Walsh of Sun and Matt and Duane from XMLG on XSLT.

Attached is an input file that serves as Indexable Content for the
Default XML Content Indexer as defined in:


and presented at a high level in:


Also attached is an XSLT file that serves as the Index Definition File
for CPP documents.

Finally I attach the output produce as the Indexed Content in case you
are unable to run XSLT on the input.

The result of CPP content indexing is that whenever a CPP is submitted
to the ebXML Registry, it will get some of its information mapped
automatically to RIM metadata. This RIM metadata is queryable using
standard ad hoc SQL and XML query capabilities of the registry. What it
means to clients is that they can discover CPP by its content
(partyName, role, partyRef etc.).

The XSLT file is extracting content from the
modifying the input ExtrinsicObject to generate the output
ExtrinsicObject modified with data from the
CollaborationProtocolProfile. The mapping is as follows:

-Map PartyName to ExtrinsicObject/Name/LocalizedString[@value]

-Map PartyId (DUNS #) to an ExternalClassification is a DUNS scheme (can

hardwire id for scheme to any id for now)

-Map PartyRef URL to an ExternalLink[@externalURI] associated with

-Map Role to an External Classification (by role) where scheme id can be

hardwired to any id for now

-Map ProcessSpecification[@name] maps to an External Classification (by
Process) where scheme id can be hardwired for now

-Map ProcessSpecification[@href] to an ExternalLink[@externalURI]
associated with ExtrinsicObject

This is starting to look very promising. I am working on indexing OAG
BODs and HL7 Conformance Profiles next. I am interested in proposals for
doing the same for content-based query support for other key verticals.
This feature really rocks and is a result of a wide collaboration
between several folks in several companies and industries.


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