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Subject: [regrep] Re: Request about the 'Cooperating Registries'

Hi Jasmine,

I am copying the regrep TC mailing list so every one is aware of this
important conversation.

I believe I misunderstood your email. I initially incorrectly thought
that you were suggesting that we start over with the cooperating
registries proposal and use the KIEC paper as the basis.

Having read the email over I now realize that you were actually
suggesting that we leverage the white paper as a non-normative reference
and companion to the specification.

Personally, I think this is a very good suggestion. I second Nikola's
suggestion that you post the paper to the
regrep-cooperating@lists.oasis-open.org mailing list. We will then
review the paper and consider approving it as a TC approved white paper.

Once again please accept my apologies for misunderstanding your email in
my last message.

Thanks very much for this valuable suggestion.


Jasmine wrote:

>Dear Mr.Stojanovic, Najmi, Alexander and Mackenzie
>Although you may know the recent activities of KIEC about the regrep,
KIEC has concerned about national ebXML registry model in distributed
e-business environment.
>I introduce you myself first.
>My name is Jasmine Jang and I'm responsibile for managing EC standards
including ebXML in Korea.
>And also with you I would participate in the freeebXML Steering Committee.
>I read your proposal :OASIS Registry: Cooperating Registries version
0.7(September 2, 2002) which Monica sent me.
>It looks good, but I have some basic questions for understanding ;
>-  You mentioned  'all federated registries are equal'.  This means all
registries are same as like UDDI?
>-  If might not be same, what's the scope of replica? I found that 'hot
objects should be replicated for performance'.  The scope of replica
means hot objects?  I think the scope of replica could be defined
throught the cooperation between registries.
>KIEC is trying to authorize contents - metadata by industries and store
them in KIEC RegRep.
>Recently KIEC also tries to build BSR(Basic Semantic Register)
library-basic XML metadata library- in KIEC RegRep.
>Last year, we studied a draft about registry information model for the
purpose of cooperations between KIEC and other registries.
>After I read your above proposal , I thought KIEC's draft could
contribute to it as the white paper or reference paper titled as '
Cooperation models of building cooperating registries'.
>This paper could help to understand and build the Cooperating
Registries v.3.0.
>If this paper could be submitted as whitepaper, it might show following
chapters ;
>1. Introduction
>2. Registries based e-business architecture  --- APEC TEL model
>3. Overall architecture of cooperating model
>4. International cooperation model  ---  like UDDI model
>5. Nationwide cooperation model  ---  could be adopted in Asean countries
>6. Cross Industry cooperation model  ---  could be adopted in Western
>7. Conclusion
>Thank you,
>Best Regards,
>Jasmine Jang
>    (Jasmine Jang)
>Head of EC Standard Team
>KIEC (Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce)
>TEL : 82-2-528-5710
>email : jasmine@kiec.or.kr

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