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Subject: [regrep] RE: Unable to attend the f2f meeting and a question

I am sorry you will not be able to join us at the face-to-face meeting.  Hopefully you can make the next one.
The v3.0 spec will probably not be voted on by the OASIS membership until 1st quarter 2003, so it probably will not be approved as a standard until early next year.
We discussed the schedule going forward with the specs during our last telecon, and feel it is important to continue to move forward during this time.  Technologies and user needs and requirements are moving rapidly, and the specs will need to move with them in order to meet the needs of those customers, and remain viable as requirements change.  Our goal is to make v 3.0 backward compatible, so that it is easy for implementers to add the functionality to conform with v 3.0.
I understand your concerns, and I hope this answers some of those questions.  I hope you will be able to be active in the e-mail lists again, and look forward to your continued participation and support.
-----Original Message-----
From: Kyu-Chul Lee [mailto:kclee@cnu.ac.kr]
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2002 8:13 AM
To: Breininger, Kathryn R
Cc: Farrukh Najmi; nikola.stojanovic@acm.org
Subject: Unable to attend the f2f meeting and a question

I am really sorry that I will be unable to attend the F2F in New Orleans
due to my university's important event. 
I apologize for the late notice.
I had tried to send my message to regrep mailing list, but I noticed that
my subscription was cancelled.
I had an individual membership ,and I am also a voting representive of ECIF(OASIS Memebr) at the same time.
I guess that my subscription is automatically cacelled  as my individual membership was expired.
Anyway, I requested to fix this mistake to OASIS Member Account Manager.
I have read all new features proposals, RIM2.2, and RS2.2.
These new features are very novel and valuable, I think.
I am going to present the summary of new specs in ebXML Korea Conference held Oct. 1.
When we had the Program Committee Meeting of that conference, many industry members raised the questions
of ebXML Registry roadmap. Their question was why the life cycle of registry standard is so fast.
As you know, many Korean companies implemented V1.0 registries last year, and now they have just finished
the implementation of V2.0 . They worry about whether customers will but V2.0 registries or not, because V3.0 spec
will come out in this December. I think the situation is same for other solution providers in the States.
Is it possible to delay the V3.0 schedule as long as we could, and incoporate the new features that we are expecting in V4.0
I appreciate if you could give me good answers to pursuade the companies to follow the ebXML standard progress.
Thanks in advance.

 Kyu-Chul Lee
 Dept. of Computer Engineering, Chungnam National University
 220 Goong-Dong, Yusong-Gu, Daejon, 305-764, South Korea
 Voice  : +82-42-821-6658      FAX : +82-42-822-4997
 Mobile Phone :  011-9947-6658
 E-mail : kclee@cnu.ac.kr
 URL    : http://dblab.ce.cnu.ac.kr/


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