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regrep message

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Subject: [regrep] ebRIM, ebRS 2.3 distribution


Attached are the latest 2.3 specs in source form. The changes are:

-ebRS updates during f2f (turn on change bars to see changes)

-ebRIM no changes that I can recall but I bumped version to stay synced 
with ebRS

Note that I am having problems with MS word crashes and lack of time 
before I leave on vacation, so I have not update the table of contents 
or the version numbers. I am enclosing the documents as they were after 
the f2f. This I figure, is better than not sending anything.

We did not review ebRIM at f2f. We got through section 9.7 and had to 
quit due to Isadore knocking at our doors.

My thanks to Kathryn, John, Nikola and Monica for their tireless efforts 
in improving the specs at the f2f. ebRS look much better for it.

As Sally would say "If the good Lord willing and the creek don't rise" I 
will be back online around October 7th.


Attachment: ebRS.doc
Description: MS-Word document

Attachment: ebRIM.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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