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Subject: Re: [regrep] RE: [uddi-spec] ebXML Registry / UDDI Convergence

David RR Webber - XMLGlobal wrote:

> The big difference I see is the formal replicated v federated models,
> coupled with the tModel/WSDL v ebXML architecture stack.


As the one who wrote a large portion of that architecture,  I see no
hinderence in the TechArch to this convergence.  The ebXML and WS set of
standards are both event based architectures.  It is a fact that you can
reference a WSDL doc from an ebXML registry today.  IN fact,  using the
UID mechanism, you can even relay the semantics of the WSDL parameters
beyond just the minor clues the element names give. 

In fact,  one might argue that if this tech stack goes ahead,  why not
harmonize the next layers as well.  What about using the ebXML Messaging
standard for WSDL transport?  Think about this.

ebXML Messaging would allow companies to formally constrain access to
Web Services to external users who must have a formal trading partner
agreement to use that web service.   It would also provide all the
mechanisms for full security, persistent message store and
non-repudiation/authentication and proper thread tracking (via
conversationID + cpaID).

Building on that,  imagine the WSDL parameters being build using ebXML
CC's and BIE's.  



VP Strategic Relations,
Technologies Evangelist
XML Global Technologies
ebXML software downloads - http://www.xmlglobal.com/prod/

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