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Subject: Re: [regrep] RE: [uddi-spec] ebXML Registry / UDDI Convergence


As you know, UDDI is now an OASIS specification and that means there is 
a much wider audience involved with a say in how these sort of things 
happen.  I think it is an appropriate work item to consider given the 
new organization, even if it is shot down.


On Friday, September 27, 2002, at 10:26  AM, Bob Atkinson wrote:

> This territory was well considered and covered in UDDI.org during the 
> v2
> round a few years ago. Nothing has changed in the interim that would
> indicate that the analysis would be different a second time around.
> I suggest that we spend our time on more focused, direct, and
> constructive work.
> 	Bob
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Matthew MacKenzie [mailto:matt@xmlglobal.com]
> Sent: Friday, September 27, 2002 9:27 AM
> To: David RR Webber - XMLGlobal
> Cc: uddi-spec@lists.oasis-open.org; regrep@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: Re: [regrep] RE: [uddi-spec] ebXML Registry / UDDI Convergence
> I'm suggesting a new "super-standard" based on both works, with a
> modular design just like ebXML Registry has now.  A robust registry
> needs both replication and federation, so that isn't an issue to me.
> -Matt
> On Friday, September 27, 2002, at 08:42  AM, David RR Webber -
> XMLGlobal wrote:
>> Message text written by Matthew MacKenzie
>> As for coexistence -- I can't see that, not from a business/sales
>> perspective at least. <
>> Matt,
>> Now you've got me putting on my Marketing / Bus Dev hat!
>> The big difference I see is the formal replicated v federated models,
>> coupled with the tModel/WSDL v ebXML architecture stack.
>> And this then comes back around to the business needs.
>> So if you are trying to deploy an eMarketplace with lots
>> of eCommerce sites and you want a strict and formal
>> member directory / participation control structure - with
>> simple push/pull content interactions - then UDDI makes sense.
>> If you are looking to build a cross industry supplychain
>> B2B world with multi-threaded business processes
>> between many collaborating peers then ebXML gives you that.
>> Similarly if you are looking to document reference industry
>> domain vocabularies, transactions and classifications
>> and codelists, then ebXML registry is the right choice.
>> Does it makes sense to keep complete separation for
>> ever here?  Clearly three years from now we would like to
>> see a common infrastructure - and providing support
>> for the two mechanisms - replicated / federated.
>> But as a marketing person - I'm seeing you'd make the
>> product modular - so customers can buy a simple
>> base registry, and then step-up to more functionality
>> as they need it.
>> DW.
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