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Subject: [regrep] Request for Speaker/Teacher at OPEN Forum on MetadataRegistries

My first two attempts at aligning a speaker from this TC for this session
have failed.  If interested, could one of you please offer to teach an OASIS
ebXML Registry Tutorial at the sixth international Open Forum on Metadata
Registries. It will be held January 20-24, 2003 in Santa Fe, New Mexico,
USA.  To see where this session is currently scheduled, click on the Main
Agenda, and then Track Overview links.  This tutorial session would be on
Day 2 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm.  
Please see the call for participation at:
Participants will explore the capabilities, uses, content, development, and
operation of registries and related technologies. Emphasis is on managing
the semantics (meaning) of data that is shared within and between
organizations or disseminated via the World Wide Web.
This Open Forum will concentrate on the following technologies: ISO/IEC
11179 Metadata Registries, Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration
(UDDI), XML Registries/Repositories, Database Catalogs (e.g., relational
DBMS/SQL), CASE Tool Repositories, Software Component Registries,
Terminology and Ontological Registries, and Dublin Core Registries.
Tutorials will be given on these technologies and on the relevant standards.
A theme will be cooperation and interoperation of these technologies. The
practical use of the technologies will be described and demonstrated in
"tracks". The tracks are: Standards, Technologies, and Tutorials;
Bioinformatics & Genomics; Defense; Electronic Business; Environment;
Healthcare; Knowledge Management & Learning Technology; Statistics;
Terminology and Ontologies; Transportation, Aviation, and Aerospace. 
The tracks will gather standards developers, software developers, and
practitioners in these fields to demonstrate accomplishments and to discuss
experiences. Please mark your calendars and register to attend.

Joel Munter
Distributed Systems, Intel Labs
(480) 552-3076
(602) 790-0924 (cell)

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