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Subject: Re: [regrep] Object Relocation Vs. Object Export Facility

Monica Martin wrote:

>Could we contrast the impact using either method?  In addition when the
>Export occurs, is a check-balance needed to ensure the Export (and
>resulting Import) is successful prior to any removal of objects from the
>original location?
Hi Monica,

Under the proposal, the ownerAtSource would be responsible for being 
careful and only removing the original content after it has successfully 
been exported. Note that the ownerAtSOurce may not need to wait until 
the exported information has been imported in the destinationRegistry 
because the data can be re-loaded at any time.

Alternatively the ownerAtSource may wish to not do the removal step (2) 
until after the data has successfully been imported in the 
destinationRegistry. This would be a good idea in case there are bugs in 
the sourceRegistry implementation of the Export feature.

Bottom line is that the new feature requires some responsibility from 
the User. The responsibility is no different than what people have to 
worry about when moving files from one machine to another using ftp etc. 
The benefits of the new proposal are that it is simpler to use, 
implement and spec.

Thanks for helping analyize this carefully in order for us to make an 
informed decision.



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