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Subject: Re: [regrep] Object Relocation Vs. Object Export Facility

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
(2) was not in the original use cases we considered.

To address (2) the easiest thing would be to add a boolean attribute on 
SubmitObjectsRequest named "replaceUUID" with default of false. WHen 
true the registry where the data is being imported would replace all 
UUIDs for objects being imported with newly generated UUIDs.

This would allow the export facility to handle both use cases above.


Excellent suggestion on how to handle this.  We may also
want to note that when replaceUUID is actioned - it replaces
each unique occurance of a UUID with the same new 
computed valued, i.e. does not replace each UUID occurance
with a new value, but will do a lookup - and if that value has
already been substituted before - will use the prior new UUID
- not calculate another again.    This ensures that cross-references
are retained.

That's enough UUID for one day for me!

Thanks, DW.

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