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Subject: [regrep] RS v2.31 distribution


Slowly but surely progress in being made to address the valuable 
comments received during TC review of the 2.3 spec. Attached is RS 2.31. 
It is a minor revision. Changes include:

-Fixed Figure 6: LifeCycle of RegistryObjects to show missing state 
transitions possible

-Updated Fig 21: Submit Ad Hoc Query Sequence Diagram to show return 
type to be AdhocQueryResponse

-Added section 6.9 on generic registry requests/responses and error handling

-Updated section 7.4 (UpdateObjectsRequest) to be based on new format

-Updated section 8.4 (Content Retrieval) to be based on new format

I would like to propose that we review these changes in our telecon 
tomorrow. Please review these section in advance of the meeting. Be 
looking for cut/paste type errors in particular.

Thanks for your valuable input and participation in the review process.


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