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regrep message

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Subject: [regrep] New WSDL

Attached is a new WSDL instance for ebXML Registry’s SOAP interface.  I haven’t yet added the documentation, I’m just looking for people to look over it and find any problems, and maybe try it with tools they are using which I am not.


I’ve used the following tools: XML Spy 5r2, CapeClear WSDL Editor EA, vi, VS.NET


I can’t seem to make all tools happy at the same time!  The two WSDL-understanding tools I have don’t do SwA, so the mime:binding is not working.  All of the tools seem to resolve URIs in different ways.




partContent is xsd:string, it should be xsd:anyType.  I changed it to debug the instance using VS.NET’s wsdl.exe, which refused to recognize anyType.



Attachment: ebXMLRegistryService.wsdl
Description: text/xml

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