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Subject: Re: [regrep] Please Review: ebXML Registry Overview presentation

Hi Venkata,

Thanks for your comments on the working draft ebXML Registry V3 
presentation. Please see responses inline below.


Danda, Venkata wrote:

>Hi Farrukh,
>I have the following questions about the Presentation.
>1> The Concrete Registry slide talks support of SOAP1.1. Does the v3 support SOAP1.2 or still supports SAP1.1 only?
Current plan is to support SOAP 1.1 with attachments. However we may 
consider SOAP 1.2 if it becomes a Recommendation prior to V3 being 
submitted for OASIS standardization.

>2> In slide LifeCycle of a RegistryObject, Is it possible to remove a deprecated object directly?
A deprecated object cannot be removed as long as there are references to 
it. A deprecated object also does not allow new references to be created 
to it.

>3> Why the EventNotification is Optional, is it not mandatory?
Mainly because we felt that it is a costly feature for vendors to 
support. By making it optional for V3 we aim to make the burden easier. 
It is possible that optional features in V3 may become mandatory in V4.

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