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Subject: [regrep] ebRIM and ebRS 2.33 distribution


Happy new year to all of you.

The ebRIM and ebRS 2.33 specifications may be downloaded respectively from:


Thanks to Nikola, Matt, Suresh, Monica and Sanjay for their 
contributions to this version.

Please review this version of the specifications and be prepared to
discuss the changes during our TC meeting on January 9th 2003.

The changes to the documents were driven by the Action Items List, the 
latest version of which is
found at:


Good news is that we have closed most of the Action Items on the actual 
specification documents in version 2.33!

The latest XML Schema files may be found at:


Changes in RS 2.33

-Updated Contributors list for Joe's affiliation change.

-Updated figure 4 in section 6.3 for HTTP binding

-Updated 6.6.4, 6.9.1 and 6.9.2 for SignatureList. Now defines how 
signed request/responses are
handled by HTTP binding.

-Fixed UpdateObjectRequest semantics to only allow updates and not allow 
new submisison per Nikola's suggetsion.
Fixed appropriately.

-Added UndeprecateObjects protocol in section 7.9

-Specified in 9.10 that repositoryItem input is specified via a 
$repositoryItem variable.

-Updated chapter 10 (event Notification) and corresponding schema after 
design review with following changes:
    -Now uses base type AdhocQuery in Selector instead of choice between 
FilterQuery and SQLQeury
    -Now only supports 2 notificationOptions (ObjectRefs and Objects)
    -Now allows multiple EmailAddresses and Services in 
NotificationAction sub-types
    -NotificationType no longer abstract
    -Notification element defined to allow the simplest Notifications 
(used in Object Relocation)
    -Notification is now a RegistryResponseType
    -Removed GetNotificationResponse as it is replaced by 
-Updated section 11.4 Object Relocation as follows:
    -Now uses AdhocQuery to select objects being relocated.
    -Decided that Object Import/Export was not adequate alone and that 
an Object relocation protocol was still needed.
    -Updated fig 70 sequence diagram to show use of EVent Notification
    --Updated fig 70 sequence diagram to show use AdhocQueryRequest
    -Updated  11.4.5 and 11.4.6 to spec how notifications are used for 
Object Relocation protocol.   

-Updated chapter 12 and appendix F to clarify that User that submits 
content is the owner of the content.

-Removed RegistryProfile from appendix and rs.xsd and merged attributes 
into Registry class.
The registry class replaces all prior functionality of the 
RegistryProfile element.

-Updated appendix E2 SQL BNF to use hyperlinks

-Updated Appendix C for Canonical ClassificationSchemes and their 
proposed locations.

Changes in RIM 2.33

-Updated Contributors list for Joe's affiliation change.

-Updated chapter 11 Event Notification for design changes in Event 
Notification itemized in RS changes above.

-Updated 12.1.1 and sub-sections to add missing attributes to Registry 

-Updated figure 2 Registry Object Inheritence View in chapter 7 to add 
Subscription, Registry and Federation classes

Looking forward to your comments on the January 9th TC meeting.


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