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Subject: Re: [regrep] Presentations and questions

It has been convered.  All ebXML components must be capable of handling 
UTF 8 and 16 (single and/or double byte) character encodings.  There are 
two issues - one is the applications ability to handle the data and the 
other is the GUI (or client)'s ability to display the data.  It is 
important to make that distinction before delving deeper into this subject.

Currently, xml can handle entity references for all known languages in 
the world.  Some of your points below are representational in substance.

Duane Nickull

Chiusano Joseph wrote:
> Regarding "Multi-lingual capabilities" (I don't think this was covered
> yet):
> This is covered by our Internationalization (I18N) support, with classes
> InternationalString and LocalizedString (I'm referencing RIM v2.33). 
> The LocalizedString class contains 3 attributes:
> 	- lang - specifies the language used by that LocalizedString
> 	- charset - specifies the name of the character set used by that 
> LocalizedString
> 	- value - specifies the string value used by that 	LocalizedString
> Hope that helps,
> Joe
> "Breininger, Kathryn R" wrote:
>>The overview presentation I gave and the tutorial presentation and case studies Monica presented are now posted on the ebXML Registry home page under the "Documents" section, in a subsection titled "Presentations" http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/regrep/#documents .  In addition, here are the questions that were raised during the panel discussion.
>>*       Use of packages, how to organize items in a registry?
>>*       Taxonomies and classifications, what's the difference?
>>*       OAIS: integrity of objects over time
>>*       How to integrate 11179 and ebXML
>>*       Persistent locations in registries (DRIve)
>>*       How to register namespaces?
>>*       Multi-lingual capabilities
>>*       URI for RegistryObject
>>The third question (Integrity of objects over time) was asked specifically by Derek Lane, from EPA.  More detail on his question follows:
>>1. Comparison between the two concepts ebXML Reg/Rep with OAIS [Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS)]
>>2. Capability to ensure integrity of objects over time
>>3. If a checksum may be required to ensure that the object is what was submitted over time (mentioned by Lane in discussion).
>>Please respond with answers on the third question (details 1-3 above) directly to the list and Derek Lane at lane.derek@epa.gov  The link to OAIS is at: http://ssdoo.gsfc.nasa.gov/nost/isoas/overview.html
>>Please also feel free to discuss each of the other questions above on the list.  This is a good opportunity to address some of these questions, and possibly consider for version 4.0 or as topics of best practice papers!
>>Kathryn Breininger
>>CENTRAL Project Manager
>>Emerging Technologies
>>Boeing Library Services
>>425-965-0182 phone
>>425-237-3491 fax
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>>manager: <http://lists.oasis-open.org/ob/adm.pl>

VP Strategic Relations,
Technologies Evangelist
XML Global Technologies
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