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Subject: RE: [regrep] Reg/Rep & UDDI (was: Describing ebXML Reg/Rep ...)


I'd forgotten about this aspect of the world - remember - "they've
joined the Gold Beta program - and installed the beta CD's
so they are all 'using' everything that's on those CDs".

I'm sure the truth is somewhere in-between.

UDDI has always had a problem with the global business model.

Internal use for a large corporation to manage its hundreds of 
sub-divisions systems is definately an easier leap.  But you
could probably do that with a vi text CSV file and a Perl script
and some web pages.

Ho hum.

Message text written by Matthew MacKenzie
ebXML vendors will be able to appeal to the customers who don't blindly 
swallow their Microsoft rep's hollow claims about software such as 
UDDI.  Why would hundreds of companies need a web services registry?  
That boggles my mind.<

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