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Subject: Re: [regrep] [XML Schema issue] Replace choice with type substitution

Farrukh Najmi wrote:

> Team,
> In new V3 schema we have consistently used type substitution instead 
> of choice construct when defining XMl schema. Choice in the pinion of 
> many is not very object oriented and implementation experience has 
> shown that it complicates design.
> I would like to ask if any one has objections if we replace 
> occurrences of <choice> in the schema with type substitution. 

To investigate this issue further I went ahead and removed choices from 
rim.xsd and query.xsd to see the full impact.

It appears that modifying rim.xsd has relatively minor backward 
compatibility impact. However, the choice removal in query.xsd impacts 
Filter query schema in a major way. Although. the result is a much nicer 
filter query schema, the choice removal in query.xsd would create a huge 
burden on implementations as they will have to redo their implementation 
of Filter Query support.

As an implementor of ebXML Registry I am OK with this but I suspect not 
every implementation would feel that way.

Another consideration is that in V4 we may well support XQuery and 
deprecate Filter query.

All this makes me wonder if the right thing may be to remove choices in 
rim.xsd (minor impact) and not remove choices in query.xsd (major impact 
to Filter query).

Thanks for your thoughts.


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