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Subject: Re: [regrep] FW: Namespace management


OK - I think I did clarify this issue in my reply to Matt.

Yep - discovery is a great use case - and we can enable that
with simple extrinsic representation - using keywords to capture
what the namespace is enabling + text description + context
declarations where appropriate  - so that people can find 
and re-use those tools.

However - in the "wild" you have to plan for prefix collision,
and have the abilty to simply move around that.  Hardwiring
everything with prefixes only sets you up for a fall when 
prefix collision occurs.  Also versioning is a key requirement
and again simple prefix does not include version selection.

So I come back to a blend - of using namespaces for tools,
and using CAM style approach to capture the business use
of the schemas.  OK - so yep - you do not have to use CAM - 
you can use your own format to capture semantics about the
schemas - that will enable searching (hint - the CAM header
section can be "lifted" to do just that).

As far as the registry is concerned - there's some extrinsic
content - and you can search on it.   All the namespace is
doing in this instance is providing the means to associate
a collection of group members.

Notice also if you want to do this:

         <include "OASIS-CIQ-address" version="1.1"/>
              <include "UBL-Item" version="2.01"/>

Having the lower level of content "sub-assemblies" 
un-encumbered by namespaces issues and potential
prefix collisions great simplifies this cut and paste approach.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by Max Voskob
Imagine an organisation where 25 departments are creating different XML
documents and formalise them with all sorts of documentation including XML
Schemas. How do they ensure that the new namespace ID they've just come up
with is not already used somewhere else within the organisation?
Sure, they can write a 25 page guide how to name their namespaces (if they
can't they email me and I'll write one for them :), but it's hard to
If I can go to my enterprise registry or its federated node (not sure I use
the right wording here) and find out if the NS is in use, by who, where the
schemas are and all that sort of information.

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