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Subject: Re: [regrep] FW: Namespace management



Now try and teach this to non-programmers involved in
designing business content transactions.

The  examples show how programmers can use these
devices to make their lives easier and simplify coding.   

And what is missing is the use case of creating libraries
of re-usable blocks of structures that can be included
into transactions, discovered, contexted and versioned.

OK - I'll not belabour the points again.

Anyway - there's a clear gap in understanding when we
are being asked to provide specific Registry functionality
to help manage namespaces  - when:

a) the Registry can already manage extrinsic objects

b) the Registry cannot be expected to magically 
     program in fluent "namespace" so end users do
     not have to grapple with all the syntax nuances.

c) This is what we are trying to avoid people doing IMHO:

<snip-from-the MSDN-training>

As another example, the following XML document shows 
how to use the elements from the XML Schema definition 
shown earlier in this column:

<d:student xmlns:d='http://www.develop.com/student'>
  <d:name>Jeff Smith</d:name>

</snip-from-the MSDN-training>

Ho hum.

Message text written by Chiusano Joseph
Here's a great Web page that explains namespaces pretty well (IMO):


- Joe

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