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regrep message

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Subject: [regrep] ebRIM 2.36 distribution


ebRIM 2.36 is ready for Sally and editorial changes at:


In this version we have addressed all identified ebRIM issues. Please 
share your comments in response to this thread online.

<for Sally>
Sally, please make sure that you "Accept All Changes" before you start 
your edits so we can track your changes since this version. Also for 
planning purposes, please let me know when you think you might be done.
Nikola and I will focus on ebRS final changes while you work on ebRIM. 
</for Sally>

The details of the changes are (available via track changes):

ebRIM Changes
-Chap 6 beginning: Defined composed objects clearly

-7.2: Changes to datatype of UUID and URI from string to anyURI

-Global: Changed data type of reference attributes to ObjectRef

-7.5.1 and other: Moved collection attributes from methods to 
attributes. THis was an inconsistency and a mistake
 in previous versions

-7.5.7: Added missing details on attribute home in RegistryObject class

-Global: Changed term "Pre-defined" to "Canonical" for 
ClassificationSchemes and nodes

-Moved Canonical Schemes appendix from RS to RIM APpendix A.

-7.8.1: Added default value of "false" for isOpaque

-7.12.4: Removed attribute organization from User class

-7.12.7: Added "Associating Users With Organizations"

-7.13.7: Added "Associating Organizations With RegistryObjects"

-7.15.6: Made phoneType to must be a ref to a ClassificationNode under 
PhoneType scheme

-7.16.3: Made type in EmailAddress be a ref to a ClassificationNode 
under EmailType scheme

-8.9.2: Made associationType in Association EmailAddress be a ref to a 
ClassificationNode under AssociationType scheme

- Replaced enumerations with a ref to AssociationType scheme.

-9.3.7: Move methods for Classification before the digression on context 
sensitive classifications

-10.3.2: Added sentence that specificationObject may also point to an 
ExternalLink when spec is an external object

- Added missing Approved event (found missing during ebxmlrr 

-11.7: Added sentence that EmailNotification may also be used to notify 
a software agent's end point via email.

-13.2: Modified text to allow any RegistryObject attribute to be used as 
a Resource Attribute

-13.2.2: Added selector attribute to allow selector queries to be used 
as resource attributes

-13.6.3: Added details provided by Suresh on Root Access Control POlicy

-13.7.1: Modified to allow selector resource attribute as well as any 
other RegistryObject attribute.


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