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Subject: [regrep] Schema changes for V3 etc.


On Matt's urging, I have diffed schemas from V2.1 to today's V3 schema. 
It was tricky when it came to comparing old rs.xsd with new rs.xsd + 
lcm.xsd. Here is the list of changes so far. The diffs are attched. 
Please let me know if I missed anything.

Next, I will take this list and start updating the database.sql SQL 
schema file to reflect these changes. Nikola is busy working on the 
final changes on ebRS filter query section. Sally will soon begin the 
ebRIM editorial changes.
Matt, we need one more change to WSDL to add support for 
GetNotificationRequest (its reponse is a Notification). See query.xsd 
and ping me if you have questions. Thanks.

We are now getting into the end game for version 2.4 which we will 
consider for TC approval. Once approved we will call it version 2.5 
after updating the documents status.



-Added SignatureListType to support multiple signatures

-Changed ID/IDREF for references to anyURI

-Changes to AUditableEVent to allow an event be shared by multipleaffectedObjects

-Removed registryObject from AuditableEvent

-Chnaged enumeration to string type for eventType, 

-Changed type for ClassificationNode.code from ShortName to LongName

-Changed type for ExternalIdentifier.value from SHortName to LongName

-Added default of "application/octet-stream" to ExtrinsicObject.mimeType

-Added default of "false" to ExtrinsicObject.isOpaque

-Added emailAddresseses to Organization

-Changed type for Slot.value from ShortName to LongName

-Added SlotListType

-Added home attribute to RegistryObject

-RegistryObject.objectType now an anyURI and must ref a ClassificationNode in ObjectType scheme

-Changed String4 to String8 for datatype of areaCode and countryCode in TelephoneNumber 

-User now must have 1 or more addresses

-Removed User.organization. Now allow many to many associations between User and Org via Association instances.

-Added RegistryType, Registry, FederationType, Federation, AdhocQueryType,
 Subscription, SelectorType, QuerySelectorType, ActionType, NotifyActionType,
 ListenerNotifyActionType, EmailNotifyActionType

-Added home, createReplica attribute to ObjectRef

-Added ObjectRefListType


-Add attributes federated, federation, startIndex  to AdhocQueryRequest

-Added SQLQueryType and FilterQueryType as sub-types of rim:AdhocQueryType

-Added QueryString

-SQLQuery now specified query string in a sub-element called QueryString

-Added attributes startIndex, totalResultCount to AdhocQueryResponse

-Added 'Like' to enumeration stringPredicate

-Made GetContentRequest extend rs:RegistryRequestType

-Added GetNotificationsRequest, NotificationType, ObjectRefsNotificationType,
 ObjectRefsNotification, ObjectsNotificationType, ObjectsNotification

lcm.xsd + rs.xsd = old rs.xsd

-Remove RequestAcceptedRepsonse which was not used anywhere

-All requests now extend rs:RegistryRequestType

-All responses nbow extend rs:RegistryResponseType

-All rs:RegistryRequestType and rs:RegistryResponseType now have RequestSlotList and SignatureList

-Added UndeprecateObjectsRequest

-Remove RegistryProfile

-Added RelocateObjectsrequest

-Removed RootELement

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