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Subject: Re: Filter Query changes [was: Latest V3 schema distribution]

I have updated schema files for the following:
-Nikola's filter query changes in query.xsd for new V3 RIM changes

Here is the summary of what has changed in query.xsd:

- Added new Queries and their Results for: Federation, Registry,
Subscription and User (used
to be UserBranch).

- Added new Filters for: PersonName, Federation, Registry and Subscription.

- Modified AuditableEventQuery (RegistryObject and RegistryEntry queries are
unbounded; replaced UserBranch with UserQuery).

- Modified OrganizationQuery (replaced UserBranch with UserQuery).

- Removed ExternalLink from AssociationBranch because "ExternalLink" is
related to "RegistryObject" via "Association".

- FederationQuery uses the same pattern as RegistryPackageQuery (allows for
traversing members even though it is via associations).
- SubscriptionQuery is very simple (inherits from RegistryObjectQuery and
has SubscriptionFilter); doesn't try to go deep into Selector and Action(s).
- RegistryQuery is also very simple.

Any feedback is welcomed. Next task is to incorporate these changes into


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