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Subject: No Subject

way back to Vienna or earlier. I sent to the ebXML chairs some months=20
ago of summary of where we were with the process and asked for comments, =

and got no response.

As to ISO rejecting the specs, the story goes more or less like this:=20
the ebXML JCC (CEFACT and OASIS reps) discussed last summer and fall=20
submitting the ebXML specs to ISO, probably TC154. In December a member=20
of the ISO Central Secretariat approached Ray Walker and I at a meeting=20
to ask where we were with the decision, and given that we were somewhat=20
close to deciding Ray and I offered to put together a draft submission,=20
which we did. ISO, not realizing that it was just a draft and that the=20
decision hadn't been finalized yet, ran with the submission and opened=20
up a ballot at TC154 to approve the specs. The ebXML JCC asked ISO to=20
withdraw the ballot as we had not made the final decision as to=20
where/when to submit. ISO withdrew the ballot as we requested. I don't=20
know if TC154 actually voted down the ballot, but shouldn't have as it=20
was withdrawn part-way through the balloting period. Jamie can fill you=20
in on how the decision is going on where/when to finally submit, as I'm=20
not on the JCC any more.


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