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Subject: Re: [regrep] Core Components - Revisited

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>(1) A RIM binding should be created;

>(2) This binding should be created within the Core Components Review
>subcommittee of the Registry TC;
This decision is not my recollection. My suggetsion was to have the 
binding be defined and owned by the CCTS team. I will defer to you and 
others on this though. My main desire is to keep the binding out of 
ebRIM and ebRS specs and keep the ebXML Registry content agnostic 

>(3) A Core Components serialization will not be defined (all metadata
>attributes will be specified in a RIM binding)
Experience with many pilots suggests that the best approach is to have 
an XML format for CCTS content with ebRIM format for CCTS metdata. So I 
would reccomend both XML serialization format (outside of binding) and 
binding to ebRIM metadata. Again I will defer to you and others on this 
point as it does not impact the core registry specs. The real impact of 
this decision is on CCTS and if I were CCTS team I would define a 
normative XML Schema for CC.

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