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Subject: Re: [regrep] Core Components - Revisited

For [1], you wrote:

[1] CCTS abstract model -> RIM

This is what I think Joe is referring to as "RIM binding". I'd say this
could be sufficient. Subteam certainly shouldn't attempt this:

Did you mean to say "Subteam certainly SHOULD attempt this"? You also
wrote "shouldn't" for [2], so I thought that at least one of the these
should be "should" (pardon the tricky English!)

"I'd say this" -> "this" refersTo [1]. I used sufficient, because I thought
"should" is not in question "here"; yes, "Subteam certainly SHOULD attempt

"shouldn't attempt this:" -> "this:" refersTo [2].

Are we talking about the "context" here? Is that one of the Things that the
subteam "should" model?


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