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Subject: RE: Urgent: Need help with KAVI

Uploading files into the KAVI system requires an overnight process before they are visible from our public page under "documents".  You can access them through the "members only" pages until then.  Please double check tomorrow from the public pages to make sure they are visible, and parsing correctly.  Since you are on the East Coast, you will probably be able to check first!  Let me know if they are working correctly or not tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, until tomorrow, please view and work with the files from the members only pages.  Hope this helps!


-----Original Message-----
From: Farrukh Najmi [mailto:farrukh.najmi@sun.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2003 9:04 AM
To: Breininger, Kathryn R
Cc: regrep@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Urgent: Need help with KAVI

Kathryn Help!,

The KAVI systems seems to have soem show stopper problems at teh moment.

Take the XML Schema file that I just uploaded and consider the problems:

-It is not publicly accessible. This is a problem because I cannot 
verify rs.xsd and other files if I cannot access the rim.xsd fnd any 
other imported file with another XML Schema file. We need our documents 
tree to be publicly accessible.

-It does not handle the mime type correctly for .xsd. I expect to be 
able to view the file online in the browser and more importantly expect 
to be able to download it. I cant seem to do either.

I have to leave for a trip soon and I am in dire need for someone in 
charge of OASIS KAVI to help me out ASAP so I can meet my comittement to 
the TC before I leave. Kathryn, please call me at 781-442-9017 and help 
me figure out what to do here. Thanks for your help.


Farrukh.najmi@sun.com wrote:

>The document rim.xsd has been submitted by Farrukh Najmi (Farrukh.najmi@sun.com) to the ebXML Registry TC document repository.
>Document Description:
>Latest rim schema for V2.5
>Download Document:  
>View Document Details:
>PLEASE NOTE:  If the above links do not work for you, your email application
>may be breaking the link into two pieces.  You may be able to copy and paste
>the entire link address into the address field of your web browser.
>-OASIS Open Administration

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