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Subject: Re: [regrep] ebRIM 2.4 - Misspellings

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>Sorry to be picky -- misspellings beginning with line 945 (each marked
>with *):
Thanks for taking the time to do this fine scrutiny Joe. THis is exactly 
what Nikola was suggesting that we all do in the last meeting.

BTW +1 on both your points in previous email regarding ObjectTypes.


>Each such association is modeled in ebRIM using an Association instance
>between an *Oragnization instance and a RegistryObject instance. The
>associationType in such cases may be (but not restricted to) either the
>canonical "SubmitterOf" associationType or the canonical
>"ResponsibleFor" associationType. The "SubmitterOf" associationType
>indicates the organization that submitted the RegistryObject (via a
>User). The "ResponsibleFor" associationType indicates the organization
>that is *desgnated as the organization responsible for the ongoing
>maintenance of the RegistryObject. 
>Association between Organizations and RegistryObjects do not entitle any
>special privileges for the organizations with respect to the
>RegistryObject. Such privileges are defined by the Access Control
>Policies defined *fro the RegistryObject as *decsribed in chapter 13.


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