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Subject: Issue: URLs for public TC documents

One task that remains for 2.5 is to update the specs for URLs to specs 
and other referenced documents (e.g. schema). When I look at the URLs 
assigned by Kavi I find them unacceptable in terms of 
human-friendliness. Consider the example for URL for rim.xsd:


In the old system the URL would have been:


Note how much more memorable the old URL pattern was.

The fact that the new URL pattern does not match the folder structure 
that we specify when we add it to KAVI is a serious issue.

We need to find out if KAVI can be fixed so we can control the URL 
structure. If the answer is NO then we need to decide:

a) Go with KAVI assigned non-optimal URLs

b) Give up KAVI features and publish the docs the old way

This issue is an urgent blocking issue for publishing the 2.5 specs. 
First we need the answer from webmaster@oasis on whether KAVI can do 
what we want. Thanks in advance for her answer.


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