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Subject: RE: [regrep] Proposal: RIM Slot enhancements


> What is the rationale, and what is the requirement?

Talking about the first proposal, order in Slot's values,
the rationale is that order-awareness in a collection of
values gives you a richer set of ways on how to use/extend
it! And if you don't need it (info about order), don't use!
The complexity was aleady added when decided that a Slot
can have more than 1 value - but a collection of values!

It requires that the order of Slot values (according to
the present specs a Collection of LongName) is maintained
by the Registry so that the values are returned in the
same order that they have been submitted once the Slot
has been saved to Registry.

The second proposal is more of a suggestion on how to use
the slot mechanism and how to take advantage of it. It
might increase complexity and does need more thinking.
That's way it is being proposed here, so that people can
think about it and give their contributions to the specs.

Anyway, vendors can decide to offer this suggested slot
handling and many others that I can't think about. One
more point for order in Slot's values.

> BTW - I thought the whole point of using slots was so that
> we did NOT need to change the RIM behaviours!?!

Btw, true, except if we find some points where improvements
can be made and would benefit not only the sub-team work but
RIM as a whole.


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