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Subject: Re: [regrep] UDDI as the registry for ebXML components: Typo?

I don't want to go too far down this rat hole, but I think I need to

ebXML is a tailored superset of Web services. It's design center is B2B
integration, although it can be used for other applications. SOAP/WSDL is a
more generic Web services framework. It can be used for a wide variety of
applications, including B2B integration, but B2Bi isn't it's primary goal,
and extra infrastructure features (security, reliability, etc) are required
for most B2Bi applications. So it's quite reasonable to use ebXML for these
applications. But I don't think it's reasonable to use ebXML for all
applications. In many circumstances, ebXML is overkill.

So even if companies like BEA, IBM, Sybase, Fujitsu, WebMethods, and
SeeBeyond do provide add-on capabilities to support the ebXML
infrastructure, companies won't deploy these add-on features to every system
(especially not on desktops and handhelds). The ebXML infrastructure will
only be deployed on systems that require this additional functionality.
Other systems will use a lighter-weight solution, such as SOAP/WSDL or XML
over HTTP. One of the most popular features of SOAP is that it's relatively
lightweight. There are versions of SOAP that run on mobile phones and
embedded processors (kSOAP, Wingfoot SOAP, and eSOAP).

So interoperability is key. The ebXML infrastructure is not likely to ever
be as pervasive as SOAP/WSDL. And SOAP/WSDL will never be as pervasive as
HTTP. So we have to make sure that all of these systems play nicely
together. And we also have to admit that they have different infrastructure

Regarding Sun and .NET -- this comment makes no sense to me. I would never
expect Sun to implement .NET. Why would Sun want to implement any technology
for C#? But Sun has implement the JAX-RPC reference implementation, which
implements the same SOAP/WSDL Web services infrastructure as .NET. And there
are about 90 other products/projects that implement the same SOAP/WSDL Web
services infrastructure as .NET, supporting just about every language and
platform you can think of. (Well -- okay, I don't know of an implementation
that supports APL...)

Best regards,

----- Original Message -----
From: "David RR Webber - XML ebusiness" <Gnosis_@compuserve.com>
To: "Anne Thomas Manes" <anne@manes.net>
Cc: <regrep@lists.oasis-open.org>; "Chiusano Joseph"
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2003 12:41 PM
Subject: Re: [regrep] UDDI as the registry for ebXML components: Typo?

> Anne,
> Actually IBM and BEA already support ebXML thru their
> product offerings - since their 3rd party add-ins already
> provide this out-the-box and their product architectures
> are fully "ebXML enabled".  So too do Sybase and Fujitsu
> and Webmethods and SeeBeyond, and ....
> I don't see Sun implementing .NET BTW.
> Horses for courses - and that's exactly the point here.
> Just like people said - ignore LINUX, ignore UNIX, they
> are not real, oh yes - did we mention they don't work
> with our products, and you need to buy two worlds?
> Wrong!   That's not how it works anymore.  Tools are
> not a solution - the business requirements drive and
> dictate that this technostuff all work as a family.  And
> rightly so the family shares  common components,
> so the customer does not care - they need the
> business functionality - and that comes from using
> ebXML and WS in tandem.
> And they especially do not want to buy a solution that
> locks them solely into one vendor....
> Thanks, DW.
> =============================================
> Message text written by "Anne Thomas Manes"
> >
> I doubt that very many people will abandon .NET, WebLogic, WebSphere, etc.
> in favor of an ebMS solution. I know that BEA provides some ebXML support
> as
> an add-on product to WebLogic, but what news from IBM and Microsoft? Does
> anyone expect that these vendors plan to provide full support for an ebXML
> infrastructure?
> Based on current product offerings, I think it's fair to say that ebXML
> Web services require different infrastructures.
> <

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