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Subject: Re: [regrep] UDDI as the registry for ebXML components: Typo?

To comment further on this matter, UDDI specifications define an 
interface, not a complete specification for a registry.  The granddaddy 
of all reg-rep specs is ISO/EIC 11179.  This defines the inner 
functional requirements for a metadata facility without constraining a 
specific interface or implementation.  Issues of administration, 
extensibility, ad-hoc, user defined assocaitions, extensible user 
defined classifications are all addressed.

ebXML , IMHO, implements most of 11179 by providing a clear and 
extensible RIM (registry Information Model) as well as defining an 
interface and bindings (RSS).  UDDI only facilitates the interface and 
bindings and leaves the implementors clear to choose the best way to 
implement the inner RIM.  

It is possible that a Registry could use the ebXML RIM and implement 
both UDDI and ebXML interfaces and bindings.

Duane Nickull


Yellow Dragon Software - http://www.yellowdragonsoft.com
Web Services & ebXML Messaging / Registry Downloads
Project Team Lead - UN/CEFACT eBusiness Architecture
Phone:   +1 (604) 738-1051 - Canada: Pacific Standard Time
Direct:  +1 (604) 726-3329 

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