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Subject: Re: [regrep] UDDI as the registry for ebXML components: Typo?


This lines and protocols for cumminication are getting blurry.  I can 
definately bring this to the ebXML JCC and the WSAG and these groups 
have ties to their constituents.

The community needs a good position paper to show how ebXML relates to 
WS* and that they do interoperate together very well.  The paper should 
also describe how WS* and ebXML have positioned themselves as SOA's for 
certain requirements.  Anne's recent email sums up the start of this 
fairly nicely (ebXML is a specialization of WS for eBusiness).

It is important to remember how closely linked these two worlds are:

1. ebXML Registry uses WSDL + SOAP for access
2. ebXML MS is an extension of SOAP.
3. WSDL is unilateral Trading Partner Agreement (as is CPP), CPA is 
bilateral (neeed for eBusiness).
4. BPSS, BPEL, BPML, WSCI etc. - let's *really* think about what we're 
all trying to do here and make one spec that works really well with WS 
or ebXML components.
5. UN/CEFACT Business Collaboration Framework (UMM, UML) really a good 
idea for all.
6. ebXML TA v1.04 and WS Architecture are really smaller subsets of the 
UN/CEFACT eBusiness Archtiecture (Service Oriented Architecture that is 
abstract of an implementation scenario).
7. Event-driven, Service Oriented, Registry Centric for all...


Duane Nickull

MACIAS, Paul wrote:

>Sorry.  Didn't know that.  Probably should have gone to you back in April after trying the TCs directly.  Out of curiosity and future reference, is there an official channel for routing things like this document, or should other OASIS TCs route things directly to the ebXML TCs?
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Duane Nickull [mailto:duane@yellowdragonsoft.com]
>Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2003 2:03 PM
>To: MACIAS, Paul
>Cc: Anne Thomas Manes; David RR Webber - XML ebusiness; Chiusano Joseph;
>Subject: Re: [regrep] UDDI as the registry for ebXML components: Typo?
>MACIAS, Paul wrote:
>>Just got caught up on this whole discussion this afternoon.  To answer Joe's question, while there is no official liaison, I've been sitting in on both groups. 
> >>>>
>I am the official liaison between the ebXML Join tCoordination Committe 
>and the Web Servies Architecture Group.
>Duane Nickull

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