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Subject: Minutes from our telecon June 26, 2003

Below are the minutes from our last telecon.  Thanks Nikola!


Kathryn Breininger, Boeing
Joe Chiusano, Booz Allen Hamilton
Suresh Damodaran, Sterling Commerce (on loan to RosettaNet)
Sally Fuger, Individual member
Peter Kacandes, Adobe
Monica Martin, Sun Microsystems
Paul Macias, LMI
Carl Mattocks, Individual member
Farrukh Najmi, Sun Microsystems
Nikola Stojanovic, Individual member

1. Minute taker
- Nikola

2. Approval of minutes from last meeting (May 29th)
- Approved

3. Status on action items
- Farrukh to send specs out by June 27, 2003
- There were some comments on 2.5 specs; Farrukh has posted back responses
- Farrukh asked if anybody would like to replace him as a guardian of
"Issues" document

4. Core components serialization/CCTS verification (Joe)
- We can refer to this effort as something like: CRIM - Core Components RIM
- Joe has posted revised working plan on June 25, 2003
- Joe thinks that group has resolved initial issues and that the pace from
now on should accelerate
- Plan is to send Verification to CCTS group somewhere around mid of Sep
- Plan is to create Technical Note - by the end of Sep
- One issue that might have impact on specs is modeling of Core Components
Types. This might need a revision of Canonical ObjectTypes classification

5. Marketing and Awareness (brochure, quick start, tutorial)
- There were some discussions on listserv about what kind of output would be
needed (tutorial, brochure, ...) and priorities of those artifacts
- Carl can do a Brochure (by the end of August). Peter will help. Anybody
should send to Carl whatever is available (presentations, docs, ...)
- Farrukh suggested that Carl uses UBL brochure as a template. Monica will
post electronic version of UBL brochure to the listserv
- Peter suggested that one of the artifacts should be a more comprehensive
- Tutorial discussions -> further discussions needed about who is the target
audience, would TNs be enough instead, Usage Scenarios, ...

6. Brainstorm on v4.0 features
- Semantic Content Management. Joe met with AIIM and has posted to listserv
a brief report about the meeting. Kathryn has asked whether this relate this
to general Content Management and is it changing our focus. Agreement was
that this is not changing our focus. Version Control needs to be addressed a
part of this effort
- Farrukh has suggested an enhancement to HTTP interface: user-defined and
"user-friendly" URLs to RegistryObject
- It was also agreed that synergy (support for) Semantic Web and possibly
Topic Maps should be part of v4.0 scope
- Farrukh has suggested that we should consider allowing other URNs besides
UUID in RegistryObject IDs
- Support for XQuery is another item that is a valid candidate for v4.0

7. Other issues/items
- There were some comments / discussions w/r/t WSDL via listserv. Anne
Thomas Manes has done some "refactoring" / correcting of 2.5 files
- There are some suggestions for Slot improvements that should be consider
for inclusion in v3.0 These requirements are part of the output from the
CRIM effort. Full list of CRIM enhancements will be submitted to the whole
TC by the end of Aug
- F2F for V3.0 - Farrukh offered to host the F2F in October at SUN's
premises in Burlington, MA
- Different files that are hosted by Kavi (linked via PR release) and that
are stored in 2.5 directories - Nikola will send to Kathryn pointers to
rim.xsd files that differ
- Joe informed the group that the scope of "ebXML Registry and Web services"
Federal Pilot had been extended to include any Web Services Registry

8. Next meeting
As planned -> 10 July, 2003

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