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Subject: Re: [regrep] [Q] SIP (Session Initiation Protocal) enabled ebXMLRegistries

Registry services are only offered via the RSS which describes a few 
bindings and service variants (nothing new to any of us).  My 
understanding is that the SIP has two common interpratations - one is 
for session management and the other is a mechanism that can choose 
alternate protocols for registry communication/binding.

ebXML RSS allows for other, non-mandatory protocols in addition to the 
existing RSS mandated essentials.  It is conceivable that the US 
Governments' Section 508 may require a Registry software to implement 
VoiceXML over top of its core functionality of RSS protocols.

We (Yellow Dragon Registry) have architected our registry to keep the 
interfaces separate from the core Registry in order to both facilitate 
future expansion of protocols or interfaces as well as to remove any 
dependency on current specifications from the core Registry Server.

I would advocate however, that anyone wishing to implement such an 
interface, do so by keeping it totally on the Registry Client side.  A 
Registry Client can be built that facilitates multiple user interfaces 
or perhaps even other programmatic interfaces, but uses the RSS as the 
core communication with the Registry server.

Does this make sense?  Farrukh?

Duane Nickull
Yellow Dragon Software Corp. - http://www.yellowdragonsoft.com
Service Oriented Architectures - ebXML, Web Services, Registry, SOAP
Project Team lead - United Nations CEFACT eBusiness Architecture
+1 (604) 738-1051
zack2003 wrote:
> All,
> Has anyone ever talked about adding a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) 
> Interface to the ebXML registry?  This may be a mechanism for creating 
> an ebXML Registry appliance and broaden the potential usage of the ebXML 
> Registry beyond the web services space.
> Zachary Alexander
> The IT Investment Architect
> ebTDesign LLC, (703) 283-4325
> http://www.ebTDesign.com
> http://www.p2pspeaker.com
> http://www.p2peconomy.com

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