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Subject: Re: [regrep] 7/29/2003: Conformance Efforts and ebXML IIC

Monica Martin wrote:

> As requested in last week's call, I did talk to the ebXML IIC about 
> your interest in conformance.  They indicated if our team could 
> provide a draft/strawman list of abstract test requirements (or 
> objectives), that would be great. They could then formulate some 
> examples as specified in the test framework and make this an 
> interactive exercise. 

Recall from last meeting that I had suggetsed that we compile a set of 
spec assertions and give that as a starting point for IIC to get 
engaged. I feel that the " abstract test requirements (or objectives)" 
are likley to mean the same thing.

I had an AI from last meeting to send an example of what I mean by test 
assertion list. Please find attached file with a sample of what such a 
list might look like.

Monica, could you please get coments from IIC whether this is 
representative of what they need from us?

Team members please share your thoughts. Thanks.


Title: ebXML Registry 2.5 Specification Assertion List

OASIS ebXML Registry 2.5
Specification Assertions

ID Section Section Title
EBRR:EBRS:1 6.6.2 QueryManager HTP Interface

The HTTP Interface to QueryManager must be supported by all registries.

EBRR:EBRS:2 7.3.3 Universally Unique ID Generation

The registry must assign a client specified id to an object submitted by the client if the id conforms format of a URN that specifies a DCE 128 bit UUID.

EBRR:EBRS:3 7.3.3 Universally Unique ID Generation

If the client does not supply an id for a submitted object then the registry must generate a universally unique id.

EBRR:EBRS:4 7.3.5
Audit Trail

The RS must create AuditableEvent objects with eventType Created for each RegistryObject created via a SubmitObjectsRequest.

EBRR:EBRS:5 7.4.2
Audit Trail

The RS must create AuditableEvents object with eventType Updated for each RegistryObject updated via an UpdateObjectsRequest.

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