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Subject: Re: [regrep] [Fwd: [xml-dev] Extract A Subset of a W3C XML Schema?]

Farrukh Najmi wrote:

> I too have been thinking about this concept under the title of 
> supporting "Dynamic Content Assembly" of any type of content within 
> the registry with focus on XML content of course. David Webber and I 
> plan to speak on this concept today or tomorrow to discuss this in 
> context of his experience in OASIS CAM. This idea of server side 
> "Dynamic Content Assembly" is an essential feature for Enterprise 
> Content Management (ECM). I think it is much more interesting to 
> support this as a capability within the registry than as a feature 
> outside the registry within registry client.

To elaborate a little further....

Today a client may query the registry for a static document based upon a 
specified sleection criterea within the query.

Imagine that in future a query can specify a document containing 
assembly instructions. The registry in response assembles the "virtual" 
document on the fly based upon the constituent "parts" specified in the 
assembly instructions. The "virtual" document is returned to the client 
as if it were a static physical document.

Imagine further that the assembly instructions could handle not just 
compostion of XML documents (design center) but also document 
composition from relational databases and other EIS such as SAP, 
PeopleSoft etc. Each data source could be supported using a pluggable 
architecture similar to Content Management Services in version 2.5.

All of above could be done in an interoperable, secure 
distributed/federated environement enable already by V3 features.

This vision seems to me to be a pretty compelling value to the IT 
industry and makes ebXML Registry Standard support an important Content 
Management requirement.

Above is the reason why I think this is not a "kitchen sink" feature but 
a vitally important missing feature from our specs at the moment - one 
that we should address in version 4 as a priority.

I look forward to our discussing this topic next week and over email.


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