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Subject: 8/7/03 Meeting Mins


I will place the minutes on the site once the KAVI problem is fixed.

OASIS ebXMLRegistry Technical Committee 

Meeting via Teleconference Call, 7-August-2003 

Joe Chuisano called the meeting to order at 13:30pm PST, and opened the meeting with roll-call, which began with the following participants. 


Joe Chuisano  (acting-chair)

Carl Mattocks

Duan Nickull 

Monica Martin

Paul Macius 

Paul Spencer – new  

Peter Kacandes 

Sally Fuger 

Tessema Getachen – guest observer

Minutes of prior meeting 

Prior meeting minutes, accepted. 

Note: TC will expect members to have read the minutes for the prior meeting in advance of the meeting. Unless specifically motioned for, the minutes for the prior meeting will not be read aloud during the meeting. Minutes will be posted to the OASIS team resource area. 

Meeting Agenda 

Joe Chuisano referred us to the agenda for the meeting, and also noted that his presentation materials would be available via a web meeting facility. 

Paul Spencer 
Paul introduced himself to the group. He noted that he is active on many TC’s and works closely with John Boras (OASIS Board  Member) on e-Gov and UBL activities.

Face-to-face at XML 2003 in December in Philadelphia 
Joe Chuisano asked that the group consider arranging a face-to-face meeting at XML 2003 in December. It was generally agreed that this required further discussion since many members could be conference attendees.

Server side "Dynamic Content Assembly" 
Duan Nickull noted that the ideal approach for gaining agreement of Server side "Dynamic Content Assembly" would be to invite contributions from the UBL, Core Component and CAM TC’s.  It was agreed that this and the factor of supporting ‘Cardinality’ required further discussion.

Core Components presentation from Joe Chuisano 
Joe discussed that the "Core Components and ebXML Registry" presentation had been given to a group of potential users. He was sharing the presentation with the group as an introductory pre-amble to a more detailed discussion about the work of the TC’s Core Component Sub-Group. Joe answered clarifying questions that focused on the role of  ‘Code Lists’ via ‘Supplementary Components’ and how ‘Versions’ could be published and subscribed to. Members congratulated Joe on the excellence and relevance of the materials presented. 

Closing Notes and Announcements 

Joe noted our next meeting in two weeks time and asked for items for the agenda

Meeting adjourned at 16:15 PST. 

Next Meeting: August 21th 1.30 pm PST 

Minutes respectfully submitted, Carl Mattocks CHECKMi 

Carl Mattocks
e-mail: CarlMattocks@checkmi.com
Business Agent Software that
Secures Knowledge for Reputation:Protection
CHECKMi Compendium the shortcut to Valued & Trusted Knowledge
CarlCheckMi (I M)

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