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Subject: Re: [regrep] Core Components Walkthrough - 8/21/03

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>No - not the "native" RIM. We are specifying a RIM extension using Slots
>(we call it "CCRIM"). For example, the CCTS spec requires a "Business
>Term" attribute on a Core Component - this will be represented as a Slot
>on the RegistryObject class. Other CCTS attributes will map nicely to
>existing RIM attributes - for example, the Core Component "Dictionary
>Entry Name" attribute maps to RegistryObject.name.

Having had lots of real world experience in this field, I would 
recommend that it not be placed in the RIM and be part of the XML 
representation of Core Components or BIE's themselves.

Most people that will use the CC will likely take a copy of it outside 
the registry.  It should have the actual full information within the 
manifestation (serialization) of the CC or BIE iteself.  There may be an 
argument for duplicating it in the RIM slots but I would rather see 
registry objects being able to be searched on, rather than use a slot.

Also - the Dictionary Entry Name may not be an exact fit to the 
RegistryObejct.name.  I would see the RegistryObejct.name attribute as 
"[DictionaryEntryName] + ( 'Core Componet' | 'BIE') to distinguish it as 
a CC or BIE.  I believe this will unfold once more work is done in the area.

We are taking serveral data dictionaries and breaking out BIE's and CC's 
and placing them into Registries.  The items in the registry must be 
able to be used outside of the context of the registry, therefore 
placing a requirement that the "Business Term" be serialized inline into 
the actual item.  The only driver I could see for duplicating the 
"Business Term" in the RIM slot is if the registry was unable to search 
or recognize a RegistryObject based on the inline decalration of the 
Business Term.

This places a strong emphasis on getting the XML serialization of the CC 
done right by ATG2.

My $0.02 CAD worth.


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