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Subject: Re: [regrep] 7/29/2003: Conformance Efforts and ebXML IIC

Michael Kass wrote:

> To all,
>   Sorry about the mixup.  I sent the original test requirements file.  
> Here is the updated one.


The updated format looks very good. A few questions follow:

-What does the Requirement Level column mean? Is it saying whether the 
assertion is part of a required feature or an optional feature? If so 
maybe a more obvious column header is desirable (e.g. "Require Feature" 
with value true/false).

-What process, responsible parties, milestones and deliverables do you 
you forsee going forward?

-Is the end product an "ebXML Registry Conformance Test Specification 
(CTS)" document?

-Who produces the initial set of assertions that would be the basis for 
the CTS?

 -Who produces the final CTS?

-Who produces automated test suite for verifying Conformance?

-What are/should be some realistic milestones for various deliverables?

Thanks for taking the lead on this important work within ebXML Registry 
and IIC TCs.


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