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regrep message

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Subject: regrep timescales

In spite of joining the group, I am having difficulty catching up with where
you are (at the same time as working on two versions of EML :-)

My main interest is the ability to register multiple versions of XML schema
artefacts (and supporting documentation) and create schema documents
dynamically based on the root element of the resulting document. In other
words "I want to create a version 3 Ballot document, give me the minimum
number of schema documents with the minimum number of declarations to do

I know this is work in progress. Does anyone have an idea of specification
completion dates and likely implementation dates? We are trying to do some
planning within UK Government and including such a registry is a key part of
the plans.


Paul Spencer
Director, Boynings Consulting Ltd
XML Adviser to the Office of the e-Envoy

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