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Subject: Re: [regrep] regrep timescales

Paul Spencer wrote:

>In spite of joining the group, I am having difficulty catching up with where
>you are (at the same time as working on two versions of EML :-)
Hi Paul,

First a warm welcome to the ebXML Registry TC.

I think your difficulty in finding what you need is very valid critique 
of the need for our web site to be made more obvious.

Here is the info I have:

We have finished version 2.1 completely and that is the reference 
version that most enterprises are using for deployment today.

All version 2.1 artifacts may be found at:


We are currently wrapping up version 3. The latest interim version 
towards version 3 is version 2.5 which is nearly feature complete. It is 
only missing "User defined URL feature" described at:


All version 2.5 artifacts may be found at:


>My main interest is the ability to register multiple versions of XML schema
>artefacts (and supporting documentation) and create schema documents
>dynamically based on the root element of the resulting document. In other
>words "I want to create a version 3 Ballot document, give me the minimum
>number of schema documents with the minimum number of declarations to do
I believe you should be able to do above with any version 2.1 compliant 
ebXML Registry.

>I know this is work in progress. Does anyone have an idea of specification
>completion dates and likely implementation dates? 
Version 2.1 specs are completed and have been since April 2002.

Version 2.5 is TC approved and stable since June 2003.

Version 3.0 is likely to be approved by TC and submitted to OASIS for 
standardization later this year.

>We are trying to do some
>planning within UK Government and including such a registry is a key part of
>the plans.
I am doubly glad that you are also participating in the TC as we could 
really benefit from your experience in the UK government.

If you would like to get started with deploying a registry then you may 
consider the open source ebXML Registry that Several of the TC members 
work on:

    http://ebxmlrr.sourceforge.net (expecting 2.1-final1 release with 
several 3.0 features in a couple of weeks)

You might also consider the commercial implementation from Yellow Dragon 


Once again welcome to the ebXML Registry TC. I look forward to working 
with you and helping you get an ebXML Registry deployed in the UK 
Government soon.


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