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Subject: Re: [regrep] Internationalization Issues

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>Internationalization is missing in certain places. For example, although
>Dictionary Entry Names and Definitions can be defined in different
>languages for CC/BIEs (according to CCTS spec), Business Terms cannot.
>This makes it hard to use the synonym feature in searches.
>Currently only RegistryObject.name and RegistryObject.description are
>I18N aware. If we start storing I18N-capable strings in Slots, it means
>that Slot values must support Internationalization. 
+1 on the need to make Slot values I18N capable.

I will log this issue.

This would require changing the datatype for values to be 
InternationalString instead of String. Minor changes would need to be 
made to RIM and possibly RS. Changes will also be needed to the XML 
Schema and relational schema.

I reccommend that we do this change for version 2.6 and if the team 
agrees to it I can take ownership of updating RIM, RS, XML Schema and 
relational schema.


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