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Subject: Initial markup of ebRS 2.5 specification for conformance testing

Farrukh and all,

    I did a very quick initial "markup" of the ebRS specification (see
attachment), identifying parts of the spec
as potential conformance test requirements.  I did not comment most of the
sections, as I just wanted
to get a quick ID of key areas of the specification. I marked up both
required and "optional" features
as well, but depending on resources, we could focus on writing test
requirements only for targeted and
"required" areas first.

   Modification of this document could/should include comments for each
annotated area, describing a
more detailed description of how the annotated are will be written up and
integrated with other test requirements.
   This is particularly true of "QueryManager", because a less rigorous
approach to testing FilterQuery would allow us to get some
traction in this area, without repeating "already tested" features.  So
"redundant" areas described in the semantics
of the various FilterQueries were not highlighted.

   I will be in on today's conference call to discuss this, and to discuss
where we go from here.



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