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Subject: ebXML Registry and EAI

The subject of this e-mail is "should we market ebXML Registry as a tool
for achieving better Enterprise Application Integration?".

I was just reading a March 2002* Gartner research note (attachment)
titled "Tools and Sources for Application Integration Metadata" - the
introduction states:

"Integration metadata is held in diverse locations, making it hard to
find. Comprehensive tools for managing integration metadata do not exist
as commercial products. Enterprises must make do with partial solutions
and custom invention."

I became curious about a particular product reference in the note, and
came upon the following July 2003 press release:


The following excerpt addesses a repository:

"Contivo Repository- The Contivo Repository provides central storage and
management of the business vocabulary, the data and document models and
the resulting data integration designs. The Contivo Repository enables
the collaboration, sharing and resource management for business and
applications analysts and the implementation team needed to successfully
complete the project. The Contivo Repository provides version control,
access control, check-in /check-out functionality and audit information
to ensure that the right people are working with the latest information
that they have permission to access."

Question: Should we promote ebXML Registry for this specific function
(Technical Note, part of our brochure, etc.)?


*possibly a bit outdated, but most of it probably still applies today

Gartner - Application Integration Metadata.zip

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