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Subject: Re: [regrep] Re: [regrep-cc-review] [Fwd: [ubl-lcsc] UBL Result Paperof CC

Carl et al:

I know a few folks who may argue that even using alpha-numeric (there's 
that damned "-" again ;-) characters is syntax specific.  Why wouldwe 
not use Japanese Kanji Characters or hieroglophics.  Many words in 
(english) natural language do not carry the exact same semantics as 
other languages.  An example is "am", the german word that means "near 
or in proximity  to the other thing".  At first glance, it appears to be 
an exact match for the english word "at" but on closer inspection, there 
are several subtle differences in the semantics of this word.  Of 
course, this often depends on context, a concept well documented by the 
CCTS and UBL groups.

I have been vocal in my efforts to change this to "technology syntax 
neutral".  the definition of this is that the base technology syntax 
neutral term allows an expression of an instance of that concept to be 
in any technology syntax.  Some common examples could include UML, XML, 
EDI, ASN-* et al.  This places a huge burden on whoever designs the 
final format for expressing a [core component | BIE ] in a technology 
syntax neutral expression.

My CAD $0.02 worth...


Carl Mattocks wrote:

>Given that Natural Language is the benchmark for syntax-neutral 
>Most folks should accept that using '.' to build compound terms that are Core Components is more (semantic) style than syntax. However, your style turns to syntax when you also abide by a [UBL suggested] rule for interjecting '-' (example: Home. Residence- . Street.Address.Text )  
>>The UBL use of 'Adjectives' is a simple extension on the 8 categorizers.
>>However, their use of '-' goes against the approach of 'semantic
>>standardization  done in a syntax-neutral fashion' ... it is the
>>beginning of a 'new syntax'.
>> would you be willing to elaborate on the above point?
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