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Subject: Fwd: Re: [emergency] infrastructure white patper

I believe the [emergency] Infrastructure TC could exploit the ebXMLRegistry even though they are focused on a distinct form of 'Emergency Messaging' .

<Michael Wilson wrote>

ref: In¡Pfra¡Pstruc¡Pture Whitepaper
For items of 
„h Member Registry
„h Security and Authentication 
„h Privacy Assurance  
„h Active and Passive Data Repository
„h Interface Management

... components of specific theoretical structural and process standards that provided additive value in the context of the above ....

you should consider including the ebXMLRegistry. The TC is actively planning a 'demonstration' at XML 2003 focused on 'medical alerts'

I can act as liason if you see a fit.


Carl Mattocks CEO CHECKMi
voicemail:(usa) 908 322 8715
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