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Subject: Re: [regrep] Draft Brochure / IDA

Your thoughts please on the difference between regulated and unregulated exchange..

Federated Registries:
The brochure is focused on federated registries. Yest, the IDA b2b frmaework study (see extract below) and others (implicitly) see a convergence of UDDI & ebXMLRegistry ...

I think it would be helpful for the brochure to explain  how/why ebXMLRegistry is best for 'regulated exchange'..

B	Business Registries 	and Repositories					
	UDDI (Universal Discovery Directory Interface)	WS	OASIS	Directory of Web Services. New 2003 version much more usable. Still under question for real usage domain.	Not usable before design of the "T models" generic services descriptions. Still questionable, but may be used to extend directories capabilities. Will probably be used by ebXML and also in some particular sectors.
	ebXML Registry/
Repository	ebXML	OASIS	Access to rich information repositories. Under development in many communities and administrations (Schemas repositories).	ebXML work will be adopted for repositories. ebXML and UDDI will probably converge for registries. Some differences may remain, which reflect differences between regulated and unregulated exchange. See fig.2 (Appendix)


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