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Subject: Re: [regrep] Re: Regulated Nature of ebXML (Was Re: [regrep] DraftBrochure / IDA)

Nikola wrote:

> <Joe>
> But one may want to mention that ebXML Registry can support the 
> regulated exchanges that are inherent in the ebXML framework (or 
> something to that effect),
> ...
> </Joe>
> I think that ebXML Registry is quite (even more than quite) capable of 
> supporting "unregulated" exchanges so in that regard it would be 
> appropriate to mention that it can support "unregulated" exchanges as 
> well.

ebXML Registry inherent in its architecture tends towards the loosely 
coupled path whenever there is a choice between tight Vs. loose 
coupling. An example is how we support federated registries and 
inter-registry object references, object replication etc. without 
requiring a tightly couple contract between the registries involved. 
There need not be any "Operator Council" nor any "Prior Agreements".

The architecture allows for a more tightly couple arrangement to be 
possible by layering application level functionality on top of the 
loosely coupled core.

In summary,  ebXML Registry is "unregulated" by default but can operate 
in a "regulated" environment if the use case demands it.


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