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Subject: Re: UN/CEFACT to introduce BCF to European Capitals


Before presenting in Europe, please change your slides.  On slide 11, 
there is an assertion that ebXML will migrate to a UDDI registry.  That 
is not true.  Fixing this before the European tour should be done so 
CEFACT does not innaccurately represent ebXML.  ebXML will likely use 
either the ebXML registry or a combination of both ebXML and UDDI 
registries.  UDDI alone would not work.  Although it is a small typo, it 
would be apreciated if you fix it since many of the hard working folk of 
the ebXML RegRep group have been a bit taken back by it ;-)

If possible, you may wish to also change the online version at

> > (http://webster.disa.org/cefact-groups/tmg/bcf-tour/Presentations/Session6/pages/slide1.html)

so it does not leave the Asian groups form the last tour with any 
mistaken impression.

Thank you for giving this your attention.  


Klaus-Dieter Naujok wrote:

> Seoul, 17 September 2003 - Following the highly successful launch of 
> its new Business Collaboration Framework (BCF) in Asia, UN/CEFACT will 
> be making the first of two weeklong tours of Europe in early December. 
> Capitals where BCF introductory workshops aimed at government, 
> industry & commerce, and academia will be held include Brussels, 
> London, Paris and Stockholm, and the full programme will be announced 
> shortly.
> The second week's workshops will take place early in 2004 and venues 
> will include Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin and Prague.
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> Klaus-Dieter Naujok                         UN/CEFACT/TMG Chair
> Global e-Business Advisory Council            Principal Advisor
> Business Web Site                                www.ge-bac.com
> Personal Web Site                         www.klaus.naujok.name
> TMG Web Site          http://webster.disa.org/cefact-groups/tmg
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