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Subject: Re: [regrep] UK Govt regrep requirements

Paul Spencer wrote:

>Sorry I have not been as active here as I would like. 
Hi Paul, welcome back.

>For those who don't
>know, I advise various parts of the UK Government on XML. Unfortunately,
>nobody here is currently prepared to spend money on registries, but I am
>working on this. 
Well the UK gov. could start with royalty free software:


>I recently did some work for the MOD here, spending two days turning their
>core schema (a collection of complex data types) into a repository of
>fully-versioned types from which schemas can be automatically generated.
>This is linked to their existing data dictionary through IDs and ASP code.
One could use the current ebXML Registry to store complex type 
definitions. One could also build a versioning mechanism on top of it. 
However, assembly of parts into whole schemas would require a registry 
client application today. Also the specs allow for client managed 
versioning and do not yet allow for automatic checkin/checkout (it has 
been proposed for v4).

>Whilst not a long-term solution, this has clarified the benefits of a
>registry to parts of the MOD and elsewhere in Government and flushed out
>some additional requirements. I now have permission to present on this
>project and to talk to the regrep TC about it. I am currently preparing a
>presentation that must be complete by October 14th. As part of a telecon, I
>would be happy to make this available and talk through it.
>What I would like to get out of this is:
>* does the existing reg/rep spec meet this requirement?
See above

>* if not, is the TC interested in this requirement for a future release?
Yes from my perspective.

>* Do any of the current implementations meet this requirement?
ebxmlrr meets all requirements except assembly, automatic 
checkin/checkout. We are planning tyo implement checkin/checkout in the 
next 4 months and use the experience to propose the normative feature 
for v4 specs.

Again the link is:



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